Hair loss problem has forced people to opt for viable operative solutions like undergoing hair transplant procedure in Ludhiana. However not every individual requires to undergo this procedure until and unless they get a thorough consultation from a reliable clinic. We can provide you the best guidance, suggestions and extremely knowledgeable hair transplant in Ludhiana who with their expertise in this field staffed and talented surgeons. The surgeon conducts a thorough examination so as to analyze your degree of hair loss. An extremely talented surgeon tries his or her level best to provide you with utmost comfort and convenience during the procedure.

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What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, transplanting hair in lashes and brows that latest techniques are permanent and they pick up follicular clusters of hair. This surgery might be performed on for the most part the scalp, and then it can likewise be performed on eyebrows and chest.


FUE or Follicular Unit Extractions a relatively new method that is still evolving. Therefore, there are fewer scientific studies about the results of FUE than with FUT. We have more experience with FUT but we do offer FUE for appropriate patients.

FUE involves

  • Planning and marking the recipient and safe donor areas
  • Making you relaxed, comfortable, and numb
  • Trimming the hair in the donor area
  • Cutting around individual follicular units with a 0.8 to 1 mm circular device then

Extracting them

  • Allowing the tiny holes to heal by themselves
  • Carefully examining and trimming the follicular unit grafts, using microscopes
  • Strategically placing the follicular unit grafts into tiny holes in the recipient area


This method’s advantages include

  • Multiple tiny scars in the donor area that are usually less visible than a long narrow scar when the hair is cut very short. (There will always be scars whenever the skin is cut but they will be small.)
  • Less discomfort in the donor area than with strip excision.

This method’s disadvantages include

  • Higher cost than FUT because it is much more tedious
  • Fewer grafts can be transplanted in a day than with FUT, requiring more days of surgery to transplant the same total number of grafts

Using follicular family units or double follicular units

In people with

  • Very fine hair who want to focus on a key area
  • Many natural single-haired follicular units
  • Very curly hair that corkscrews under the skin
  • People who have large, old grafts that don’t want them


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